What is SlimLipo?
SlimLipo™ is a body sculpting laser with a “fat melting” laser wavelength that quickly and effectively melts unwanted fat. Via a few tiny incisions, this patented laser gently melts fat so that it may gently be removed from your body. With SlimLipo’s unique technology, you’ll experience little downtime. Get ready to show off your new dramatic Slimmer Look!.

How many treatments will I need?

SlimLipo is performed in a single treatment session.

SlimLipo for women and men?
SlimLipo is for both women and men who have areas of unwanted fat.

Is Slimlipo different from traditional liposuction?
Yes, very different. Traditional liposuction leaves larger scars, causes more bleeding and more post-treatment pain, and requires longer healing times than SlimLipo. Also, traditional liposuction physically breaks up and suctions out intact fat cells, while SlimLipo efficiently melts and liquefies fat, which is then gently removed from your body. Answered simply: SlimLipo is easier on your body.

How long is the SlimLipo recovery time, and what should I expect?

Typically, the SlimLipo recovery time is shorter than traditional liposuction. Many patients can go to work the very next day. You may see slight bruising at the small incision sites. A compression garment is required for a short period of time, post procedure.