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Can anti-aging skincare products really make a difference?

Whether or not a given skincare product can make an actual difference to your skin has everything to do with the product’s ingredients. Many products make claims, but few are scientifically proven to make changes. Some products might contain the right ingredients, but in the wrong amounts or amounts too small to create improvement.

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If you are searching for anti-aging products that really work, you need to look for ingredients like growth factors, Retinol, peptides, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. These substances are truly able to boost collagen production – something that diminishes as we age, smooth skin, reduce pigment and redness, lessen fine lines and wrinkles and tighten skin. In order to be certain that the formula will actually benefit you, seek out product lines that have been tested through clinical trials. For example, medical grade products initially developed to heal skin trauma can certainly improve normal aging skin.

Finally, protecting your skin with a broad spectrum spf 30 sunscreen with zinc and/or titanium dioxide will make a huge difference to the future of your skin’s appearance.

Yes, some anti-aging products can literally turn back the clock, but many are just a waste of your time. A visit to see an experienced medical aesthetician is a great way to find out what products are worth your investment. Currently in Tampa, we carry SkinMedica, which is a skincare line designed to improve your skin's overall appearance including age defense, sun damage, sun protection and acne. If you're interested in a consultation, contact us to make a complimentary appointment.