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Can Peels Really Improve the Skin?

Medspa Questions & Answers from Stephanie Schlageter Medspa Director at Radiance Medspa. Have a question for Stephanie? Submit it here and maybe we'll use it in next weeks blog.

Peels, or chemical peels, are touted as offering a non-invasive method of brightening the skin and smoothing roughness as well as lessening fine lines and wrinkles, but do they really work?

The answer is most definitely, yes. Over time, skin becomes damaged, and a lot of this damage is located in the outer layers of skin. Peels use chemicals to break the bonds that join the skin cells of the outer layers, resulting in the gentle exfoliation of these layers. Removing these layers begins to remove surface imperfections. Then, through your body’s natural process, new healthy layers of skin are stimulated to grow. This means that discoloration, uneven skin tone and rough texture will be improved as your skin literally rejuvenates itself.

Peels help with skin imperfections, acne scars, blemishes, discoloration like sun spots, and fine lines and wrinkles. Best results are achieved when peels are performed in a series of three to six, but improvement is typically visible after just one peel. There are a variety of types of peels like glycolic peels and alpha-hydroxy peels that vary in strength. The gentler the peel, the less downtime (as in peeling), you will experience. In fact, some peels are gentle enough to require no downtime at all. Ask your medical aesthetician which peel is right for your skin, and start sloughing off the years today!