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Need Help Avoiding a Hangover? Less Booze, More H2O

Its time for the yearly advice on how to avoid your New Years' Hangover.  Here's this years' advice....
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Attorney Colleen Gorman has a holiday ritual that doesn't involve buying presents or counting down to midnight: She goes online to look for new hangover remedies she hasn't tried.
She already has scratched off those big "prevention" pills, vitamins and chugging sports drinks, along with more quirky folk remedies including peanut butter sandwiches.
"My fiance says I should probably just drink less," said Gorman, 28, of Chicago.
Experts say that's good advice for everyone.
"The only way to prevent a hangover is to not get drunk," said Boston University researcher Jonathan Howland.
That might be too radical a remedy for many revelers, but it's the only one proven to work. Still, there are strategies that can soften the blow.  Read Original Article >