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Really Rid of Wrinkles!

A few weeks ago, we had the honor of having S3! (Sill Sassy Sister) come visit us at our Belleair Bluffs location for some insight and advice on Botox. Here's what they had to say. And we say, come back soon! 

S3! went to Radiance Medspa in Belleair Bluffs, Florida to get some information and advice regarding the very popular wrinkle treatment Botox. S3!’s unscientific study seems to indicate that “everyone” is doing Botox. “I’m going for my Botox today!” seems to be heard as much as “I’m going to my stylist today!” these days. Why is it so popular? What are the risks? We spoke to Christy Marks, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner at Radiance Medspa, to get the wrinkle on less wrinkles:

By The Way, Christy Marks herself is the picture perfect poster woman for S3!. She is beautiful, fit and full of energy for her profession. Her demeanor of intellectual enthusiasm gives her a great bedside manner persona, and it is easy to see why this translates into a high level of patient trust.

Botox is a popular wrinkle treatment, but what is it? Christy explains that Botox is toxin called Botulinum that becomes a muscle relaxant when injected into the facial muscle. A miniscule amount of the toxin prevents the nerve from telling the muscle what to do. In other words the muscle is no longer told to contract and the previously existing wrinkle minimizes or disappears altogether. The word toxin sounds a little scary the first time you hear it, so is it really safe?

The answer is yes. It is very well tolerated and undetectable, with a very small percentage of patients having any adverse side effects. (your own practitioner will give you a medication guide and you can discuss all possible side affects during your appointment)b2ap3_thumbnail_wrinklefree.jpg

The good results that Botox brings, along with minimal side effects experienced by users, has increased its popularity to millions of treatments in the USA each year. (There are a very few patients who are contra-indicated for botox such as pregnant women or certain rare neuromuscular conditions-again have this conversation with your individual medical practitioner).

Despite its very well tolerated appeal, Christy advises you to know your practitioner. Some physicians in unrelated fields add Botox injections to their practice because of its appeal as a popular procedure without the training and experience required for expert administration of this drug.

Knowledge, training and experience (when injecting botox,) maximize the potential for the desired wrinkle-eliminating result. There is a strategy as to where in the face the Botox is injected for the individual patient, and that strategy can be very different patient to patient. Each patient has different concerns and areas where they hope to diminish wrinkles. Knowing that more brow lift is needed for example, may change the site and amount of injection; Injecting in one spot may accentuate drooping in another, so a cookie cutter approach is not advised. Your practitioner should take time to get to know you and your face, and you should understand that it may take a few times to get the perfect “recipe” for the results you want to achieve.

Christy emphasizes that Radiance Medspa is dedicated to both excellent results and safety. They caution against, and will not do Botox parties that include alcohol. Like most medical treatments, informed consent is part of the process, so getting consent under the influence is a big No-No! And further, when you are drinking you have a more likely propensity for bleeding and bruising around the injection site. Christy admonishes that she wants to “optimize results and safety”. Makes sense to us! Christy tells us that she has treated patients from ages 20’s to 90’s (you go girl!) but most are in the 40 to 60’s range.

Christy cautions that when Botox is first injected you probably will not notice anything different immediately while in the office. Don’t Worry! It takes effect the days following the injection, with the full effect by approximately 2 weeks. Botox usually lasts an average of four months with some patients experiencing a longer or shorter effect. And in fact, continued use over time can greatly diminish the wrinkles and lines on a face as one ages (great news in our book!)

Christy explains why she loves her profession.

“I hear about many people thinking of esthetics (medicine) in general as “fluffy” but it gives people more confidence. Many of our patients come here when they are in transition- divorced, new job, a reunion, or a wedding.”

“What we do is very subtle, but it can be a huge confidence builder. “

S3! advises – It is YOUR decision if you decide to try Botox. Find a practice that makes you comfortable and a practitioner who gives you the feeling that they are interested in a truly good result.

But what if you want to add volume and/or get immediate results? We will discuss Juvederm and other fillers next issue!

Christy Marks is an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner with her masters degree from the University of South Florida. Christy has over 8 years experience in the practice of esthetics.

Radiance Medspa has locations in Belleair Bluffs and Clearwater, Florida. They have received the Diamond Award for being in the Top 200 Botox and Juvederm Businesses in the US and have been voted Business of the Year by the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce. They can be contacted at 727-518-7100 or