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What Are Growth Factors?

If you haven’t heard of growth factors yet, get ready to fall in love with these cell-stimulating proteins that encourage the skin’s natural ability to regenerate itself. Available as an ingredient in anti-aging skincare products, growth factors are naturally occurring substances that literally have the ability to enhance cell production. Growth factors are the next big buzz word in skincare like Retinol and anti-oxidants were several years ago.

While growth factors are already present in the skin in a physiologically balanced combination that maintains a healthy skin structure, as we age, the level of growth factors decreases. This is one of the causes of declining cell reproduction. Put another way, as we get older our bodies begin to hold onto old (dry, dead) cells longer without replenishing them with new ones.

However, even though your body’s natural production of growth factors might slow down, including growth factors in your skincare products can help your skin maintain a higher rate of new cell production to maintain the appearance of youth. Growth factors help strengthen the skin’s natural ability to regenerate itself, which leads to improved smoothness and softness of the skin. Initially developed for wound healing, growth factors can promote cell renewal, which is vital to having healthy, glowing skin. They also stimulate collagen production, leading to firmer smoother skin.

Growth Factors Found in SkinMedica in Tampa

Where can you find growth factors? Cosmeceutical products such as SkinMedica’s award winning TNS branded products contain growth factors, and these can be combined with other cell rejuvenating products to offer your skin an overall cell transformation. Visit your certified medial aesthetician to develop a skincare strategy that will improve your skin today and protect it for tomorrow.