VIVACE™ combines Micro-Needling and Radiofrequency and PRP into one treatment.

Micro-Needling works by making thousands of tiny micro-punctures in the surface of the skin to promote healing through new collagen and elastin production. This well-established and very popular treatment has now moved into the next generation with VIVACE™, which combines the benefits of Micro-Needling with Radio Frequency (RF).

Radio Frequency (RF) is a treatment that delivers heat to the lower (dermal) layers of the skin to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin in the deeper skin layers. The new collagen and elastin that is generated results in new, thicker, tighter skin.

PRP can be added as an optional boost at the end of the treatment to help accelerate healing and maximize results. PRP is a process that uses your own growth factors, derived from a quick and easy blood draw, to nourish your skin by applying your body’s own plasma, rich with growth factors, to the surface of your skin. By applying the PRP immediately after the VIVACE™ treatment, the PRP is absorbed deep into the skin where it boosts collagen production at many levels.