VIVACE™ treatments are done in a series of 3, spaced one month apart. Each treatment effectively treats a “fraction” of the skin by placing many individual micro needles into the skin and delivering the RF energy. As a result, each VIVACE™ treatment can be considered a “partial” surface treatment that replaces old skin with new skin around where each of the micro needles was inserted. New collagen and elastin will begin to form immediately after treatment and the stimulating effects of the RF and the PRP will give the skin an immediate glow. The production of new collagen and elastin will continue for up to 6 months following each treatment. It is important to complete a series of at least 3 VIVACE™ treatments to get optimal results. Results can be seen immediately after the first treatment with a fresh new glow to the skin and will continue to develop for up to 6 months following the last treatment.