Microblading Enhances Thin Eyebrows

Monday, March 27, 2017











by Stephanie Schlageter

If you’ve overplucked, noticed thinning over time or just weren’t blessed with dark, thick brows, you can still participate in today’s top beauty trend. For brow enhancement that is long lasting, but short on commitment, microblading offers natural-looking results and gives the appearance of thicker brows with just the right arch.

This treatment has a lot in common with its cousin tattooing, but with microblading, ink is deposited into just the first few layers of skin so that results lasts about a year. This is great news in case brow styles change, as they tend to do.

During a microblading appointment, our experienced aesthetician artfully draws your ideal brow. Following the application of a numbing cream, she deposits the pigment into your skin, with feathery brushes using the microblading tool. The result is natural-looking, filled-in brows that will scab over and heal within a couple weeks and leave you with enviable arches. Over time, the pigment will fade, and you can visit for a touch-up inline with whatever happens to be the brow style du jour.

Microblading provides an ideal solution to any lady or gent wanting more fullness without the commitment of tattooing or the daily ritual of applying makeup. You’ll look just as great after a dip in the pool as you do when you’re out for a night on the town.

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