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HydraFacial | Clearwater | Tampa | St. Pete FL

The beauty of technology, the benefits of hydration.

Are you ready to see what the best in technology can do for your skin? Enjoy a HydraFacial and receive all of the benefits of a long, four-step facial during one short visit. Following treatment, you will see immediate results because the HydraFacial removes dead skin cells, completes extractions, cleanses your skin and adds moisturizing serums and hydration. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and looking radiant!


  • — HydraFacial is excellent for all skin types!
  • — HydraFacial can be used on the most sensitive skin.
  • — HydraFacial benefits even oily and acneic skin.
  • — HydraFacial improves skin health and elasticity.
  • — HydraFacial even tackles issues associated with advanced aging.
  • — You will see diminished fine lines, wrinkles and folds.
  • — Your skin tone and texture will be even and smooth.
  • — Your pore size will decrease.
  • — Your skin will be firmer.
  • — You will notice improvement to brown and red spots.
  • — A HydraFacial visit is quick, relaxing and soothing.
  • — The HydraFacial detoxifies, rejuvenates and protects your skin.
  • — After treatment, your skin glows, and you can use makeup immediately (although you might not need it!).
  • — There is absolutely no downtime associated with a HydraFacial treatment.
  • — The HydraFacial treatment takes just 60 minutes.
  • — After the very first treatment, you will notice a radiant glow, which will last for a week or longer.
  • — You should repeat HydraFacial treatments on a regular basis for optimal results.
  • — Your treatment plan may vary depending on your age, level of sun damage and other factors.
  • — HydraFacials range in price from $175 each to as little as $135 when purchased in a series.
  • — Please visit Radiance Medspa to receive your complimentary consultation, and learn more about what HydraFacial can do for your skin.

With more than a decade serving the Belleair community, Radiance Medspa has a professional staff of certified aestheticians, nurse practitioners and doctors to offer the best and safest cosmetic medical treatments available.

We listen to you and are honest. It is our company philosophy to never recommend a treatment that we do not believe is appropriate for you. We also enjoy teaching – we want you to understand all of your options so that you can make the most educated decision about your treatment plan.

*Individual results may vary.

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