The End of Cellulite

Exchange That Dimpled Look For A Seriously Smooth Bottom With Cellfina®

Cellulite, that cottage cheese look that often shows up on the thighs and buttocks of women, causes dimples that are nothing to smile about. We all want to get rid of it. Yet, despite a variety of treatments on the market – daily creams, massage regimens and laser and radiofrequency technologies – until now, nothing has worked very well or offered long-term results. Unlike these fruitless options, Cellfina® provides an effective method of treating cellulite because it gets to the root of the problem and releases the fibrous bands that pull the skin from below and cause the dimpled appearance. With an FDA-proven track record of results and a name that refers to “the end of cellulite,” Cellfina® means a real way to achieve a smoother backside is now available. Get ready for this real cellulite solution … is that your swimsuit calling?

Cellfina® treatments may only be provided by a licensed physician. As with any medical cosmetic procedure, it is important to choose a provider with experience, skill and expertise. At Radiance Medspa, Dr. Francis has performed minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, including Laser Liposuction, for nearly 10 years. Radiance Medspa is the first in the area to offer this exciting, new cellulite-eliminating treatment!

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Am I a candidate for Cellfina®?

  • Do you have dimples on your thighs or buttocks?
  • Do you shy away from wearing shorts or short skirts?
  • Does the appearance of your cellulite not significantly improve with diet and exercise?
  • Have you tried creams, massages and other treatments to no avail?
  • Would you like a minimally invasive method of effectively reducing the appearance of cellulite on thighs and buttocks that offers long-term results in a single treatment?

What results can I expect from Cellfina®?

  • With one easy treatment, Cellfina® produces visible results.
  • By treating the underlying cause of cellulite and targeting the architecture of the fat associated with dimpling, Cellfina® creates smoother skin.
  • The treatment releases the fibrous bands of connective tissue that pull the skin from below which, in turn, releases and eliminates cellulite dimples.
  • Results are visible in as few as three days!*

What happens during a Cellfina® treatment?

  • A Cellfina® treatment takes about an hour.
  • Before treatment, a numbing cream is applied to the area(s) being treated.
  • A needle-sized device is gently inserted into the skin adjacent to the dimple(s) to be treated.
  • Using suction, the Cellfina® applicator pulls the tissue up into the applicator and a small microblade cuts the fibrous bands of connective tissue from beneath the skin.
  • Patients experience little to no discomfort during a Cellfina® treatment.
  • Once the fibrous bands have been cut, dimple(s) immediately improve with results continuing to improve over the next three days.*
  • Complete results are typically seen in 3-6 months.*

Will it hurt and what is the downtime from Cellfina® treatment?

  • A topical numbing cream is applied to the are prior to treatment, so patients feel little to no discomfort.
  • You may experience soreness, tenderness and bruising in the treatment area, however this is temporary and will dissipate within a few days and be completely gone within a few weeks.
  • Following a Cellfina® treatment, you can return to work and most normal activities the same day. Heavy/high-impact exercise should be avoided for two weeks. However, light/low impact exercise is encouraged.

How long do the results of Cellfina® last?

  • Unlike other cellulite treatments, which offer temporary results at best, Cellfina® addresses the cause of cellulite, which allows it to provide long-lasting results.
  • Cellfina® improves the appearance of cellulite with just one treatment and boasts a satisfaction rate of over 90%.
  • Cellfina® offers the longest lasting results of any treatment approved by the FDA for cellulite.

For more than a decade, Radiance Medspa has successfully and safely performed minimally invasive body sculpting procedures to produce beautiful, natural-looking results for our patients.

  • Our vast experience with a variety of safe and effective body sculpting treatments means you can feel confident having a Cellfina® treatment at Radiance Medspa.
  • We listen to you, and we are honest. We will never recommend a treatment that we do not believe is appropriate for you.
  • We strongly believe in educating our patients so that you understand all of your options and can make the most informed decision about your treatment plan.

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