Brow Bar

Step into the Radiance Brow Bar, and one of our expert aestheticians will create the ideal brow shape for your face and personal style. Whether you need to tame unruly thick brows or turn light, sparse hair into glamorous eyebrows, we can help. Our Brow Bar offers waxing, shaping, and tinting, and you’ll just love the eye-opening effects!

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  • Waxing is still the most efficient method of removing unwanted hair and shaping the brows.
  • All-natural warmed wax is applied to excess hairs above, below and between the brows. With a paper that adheres to the wax, but not your skin, the unwanted hair is gently removed.
  • Following a waxing treatment, we apply a soothing moisturizer to your brow area.
  • We recommend avoiding the use of retinols, peels and exfoliants for a few days before and after a brow wax.


  • With tweezers, we gently remove stray hairs to define your personal ideal brow shape.
  • Brow shaping can be performed alone or partnered with a waxing treatment.


  • For our lighter-haired friends, Radiance Medspa offers brow and lash tinting.
  • Create definition and the appearance of thicker, fuller brows and lashes by tinting fair hairs a darker color. We may recomment microblading for enhanced results.
  • We consider both your skin tone and hair color to recommend a tinting hue.
  • Tinting results last through normal hair growth cycles, and you will want to get a touchup every four to six weeks.
  • Our tinting products are safe and gentle on skin and eyes.

To bring out your eyes even more, we offer prescription LATISSE® for longer, darker, fuller eyelashes and permanent eyeliner for long-lasting definition.

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