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Time to up your skincare routine…MOXI laser is an easy way to “prejuvenate” your skin.

Moxi Laser is the latest way to REVITALIZE AND REFRESH your skin’s appearance by correcting uneven pigmentation and improving tone and texture.
This award-winning non-ablative fractional laser technology delivers impressive results, restoring your skin’s youthful glow.

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Why choose Radiance Medspa for Moxi Laser in Clearwater, FL:

  • We have performed over 7,500 Light Based Skin-Tightening and Microneedling treatments over the past 17 years.
  • We have extensive experience with Skin Tightening Treatments including IPL, Ultherapy, Thermage, Vivace, Skin Pen®, C02 Resurfacing, BBL HERO, and Now Moxi!
  • We believe medical-grade skincare is integral to your treatment, and therefore is included.
  • Tampa Bay’s Leading Medspa for over 17 Years
  • Complimentary In-Person and Virtual Consultations are available.

Why MOXI Laser?

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Moxi comfortably delivers non-ablative laser energy to revitalize your skin by correcting the initial signs of sun damage and aging, no matter the season or your skin type. You’ll love the fact that this lunchtime procedure can fit into your active lifestyle any time of year.

People of all skin types can combat the signs of aging year-round… Get your Moxi today!

  • Reversing Signs of Sun Damage and Aging
    Years of sun exposure and the natural aging process can leave their mark on your skin. Moxi laser offers a powerful solution to reverse these signs. Watch as sunspots, fine lines, and wrinkles fade away, leaving you with a refreshed and youthful appearance.
  • Correcting Uneven Pigmentation
    Struggling with uneven pigmentation can be a challenge. This revolutionary treatment targets areas of discoloration, effectively evening out your skin tone for a more flawless complexion. Say goodbye to the blotchy or discolored patches that have been bothering you.
  • Improving Overall Texture and Tone
    Achieving smooth, radiant skin is a breeze with Moxi. This procedure works wonders in enhancing your skin’s texture and tone, leaving you with a complexion that’s as soft as it is vibrant.
  • Safe Settings for All
    Whether you have sensitive or dark skin, this treatment is suitable for all skin types!

Your go-to treatment for Melasma!

Melasma, a common skin condition that causes brown or gray-brown patches on the face, can be particularly challenging to treat. Non-ablative fractional laser technology has been proven effective in addressing melasma, offering hope to those who have been searching for a solution.

Enhance your results with BBL HERO

Moxi Laser is the icing on the BBL cake. For even more impressive visible results, consider combining non-ablative Moxi with BBL HERO, a cutting-edge broadband light therapy. This dynamic duo can take your skin transformation to new heights, ensuring that you achieve the radiant, youthful skin you’ve always dreamed of.

Don’t wait any longer to unlock the potential of your skin!

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How does Moxi work?

Moxi delivers fractionated laser energy to create micro-coagulation zones which the body then repairs, replacing damaged cells with fresh new ones. Moxi is designed to provide tonal and textural improvements to your face with low downtime, resulting in skin renewal.

How comfortable is the Moxi treatment?

Depending on the level of treatment provided, most patients find the treatment well tolerated.  Your practitioner may use cooling air and recommend numbing cream to help ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible

Am I a Candidate for the Moxi Laser?

Whether you have sensitive or dark skin, this treatment is suitable for all skin types. Moxi, Non-ablative fractional laser technology is a versatile solution that caters to the unique needs of everyone.

Beautiful skin knows no age limits either. Whether you’re in your 20s, 40s, or beyond, non-ablative fractional laser technology can help you maintain a youthful appearance and address common skin concerns.

How long does it take to see results from Moxi?

Results vary depending on your treatment goals. For the day following your treatment, your skin may appear red and, depending on your level of treatment, you may see the small micro dots called mendz where the laser was applied. As the microzones heal, they will darken and feel rough. Between days 3-5, the mendz will slough off, revealing the renewed skin beneath.

How many treatments of Moxi will I need?

This will depend on your treatment goals and level of damage. Most patients receive 3-4 corrective treatments, then often will sign up for regular maintenance treatments throughout the year.

Love your skin by adding a MOXI treatment to your regular skin care maintenance routine.


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