Original Article By Loren Savini. Want a flatter stomach? Done. A more gravity-resistant butt? Absolutely. Whatever contour of your body you'd like redrawn, there is a treatment or surgery to do it — and the options are constantly evolving. We uncovered a few of the most exciting right now.

The Stomach: CoolSculpting, SculpSure, and UltraShape You can get rid of small, stubborn pockets of fat in this area by freezing, heating, or destroying fat cells with ultrasound energy. (Current options include CoolSculpting, SculpSure, and UltraShape, respectively.) But anything more than a slight reduction in abdominal fat still calls for a tummy tuck. Conveniently, the procedure has gotten, well, less inconvenient. A new adhesive called TissuGlu eliminates the need to drain the fluid that fills the large space created between the muscles and overlying tissue after the surgery. Prior to its existence, tummy-tuck recovery involved having a drain, at home, for one to two weeks. Which is gross and weird but was part of the deal. "TissuGlu seals the tissues together after a tummy tuck so that there is no space that can fill with fluid," says Los Angeles plastic surgeon Steven Teitelbaum. It also might result in less-noticeable scars. More good news: A new numbing injection called Exparel can make the initial tummy-tuck recovery less painful, says Joubin Gabbay, a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles.

The Breasts: Firmer Implants Some 56 years after the first boob job, breast augmentation is, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ most recent count, still the number-one cosmetic surgery procedure performed in the U.S. In the last several months, pharmaceutical giant Allergan released two new round silicone implants that are firmer than previous versions. "They're a better option for a patient with very tight breast tissue that won’t expand particularly well with a standard, very soft silicone implant," Gabbay says. These firmer implants also prevent what’s known as rippling, where the implant is visibly wrinkled around the edges. Women with little body fat or those with small natural breasts are particularly at risk of this unfortunate side effect. "These new implants are a significant evolution in my ability to deliver the best possible result for each patient," Gabbay says.

The Arms: Forma Plus "That little area that’s right next to the breast in front of the armpit...everybody hates that," says Haideh Hirmand, a plastic surgeon in New York City. "Most people think it’s fat, but most of the time it’s just loose skin." To tighten stubborn arm skin, Hirmand recommends a new radio-frequency treatment called Forma Plus. It works by heating the underlying tissue, which stimulates collagen production. Thermal treatments have been around for years — you've probably heard of Thermage — but Forma Plus's edge is that it constantly measures the temperature of the skin. This means doctors can control the treatment down to the last degree to make sure it’s at its most effective and safest.

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