Courtney Cole

Medical Aesthetician

Bringing together science and nature, Florida native Courtney Cole has earned certification in a plethora of medical aesthetic treatments as well as yoga, meditation and alternative therapies. She started down the path of beauty and healing as a little girl when she began creating skincare creams and doing makeup. Her appreciation for creating beauty from the inside out appears in her treatment room, where she may incorporate medical grade essential oils, or in her conversations, which might focus on nutrition or even astrology. Courtney’s compassionate nature has found a true home at Radiance Medspa, and she finds both the staff and the clients to be caring and “heart” centered. Courtney is With her affinity for waterfalls and collecting crystals, Courtney is a unique spirit, but if you think there is no one like her, you might be surprised to see her with her family. Her mother has an identical twin, and Courtney and her cousin look like twins too!

Education and Certification

  • Certified in Dermaplaning, Advanced Peels, Microdermabrasion, HydraFacial, Vivace, Microblading (Softap), Permanent Cosmetics and Makeup Artistry, Microneedling, LED, and Hungarian Facial Massage
  • Associate’s Degree – Fashion Merchandising