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Guys and gals – have you noticed less fullness in your hair or has your hairline begun to creep higher and higher? If a thinning crown has you ready to pull your hair out, Hair Again offers a solution through non-surgical hair replacement. Our discreet, in-office hair restoration in Clearwater requires no downtime and can be used alone or in conjunction with topical remedies. The process involves using your own plasma (from your own blood draw) to stimulate dormant and inactive hair follicles to grow hair again. Your plasma, which is rich in proteins and key growth factors, is injected into the scalp where new hair growth is desired. The benefits of Hair Again PRP treatments occur naturally during several months, so no one will notice a drastic change to your appearance. You will simply watch your hair grow thicker and more abundant during the months following hairline restoration treatment.

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Am I a candidate for Hair Again PRP treatment?

  • Are you experiencing thinning hair and less volume?
  • Is your hairline receding?
  • Do you have hereditary or male pattern baldness?
  • Have you noticed more hair shedding and a widening part?
  • Are tight braids and ponytails causing your hair to fall out?
  • Did stress, medication, or vitamin deficiency lead to sudden or patchy hair loss?
  • Hair Again works best during the early stages of hair loss and is not a good option for candidates who are completely bald.

What results can I expect from Hair Again?

  •  Hair Again treatment stimulates hair follicles into the growth phase.
  • As your hair grows at a renewed rate and shedding decreases, you will see more hair overall.
  • The thinning of your hair will slow, and you will notice less hair in your brush or comb.
  • Within 3-4 months, with more active hair follicles on your scalp, your hair will be thicker and denser.

How does Hair Again work?

  •  Hair Again begins with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), a concentration derived from your own blood.
  • A process called centrifugation isolates beneficial elements like proteins and growth factors from your drawn blood. These elements are known to help the body in healing and tissue regeneration.
  • The highly concentrated centrifuged blood is injected into your scalp where it releases growth factors and stimulates hair follicles to enter the active growth phase.
  • During the next 3-4 months as your hair follicles become more active, you will experience less hair loss and increased hair growth.
  • Because Hair Again uses your own blood, the process is safe and carries no risk of allergic reaction. PRP has been used safely and effectively for more than 20 years for wound healing in numerous medical applications.

What happens during a Hair Again treatment?

  •  To begin an in-office Hair Again treatment, we draw a few tubes of your blood.
  • Next, we spin your blood in our centrifugation system to separate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from the rest of the blood.
  • Following treatment, which takes just 45-60 minutes, you may drive home, and you are free to resume normal activities immediately.
  • It is recommended that you wash your hair with hot water when you get home.
  • Depending on your hair’s growth cycle, you will see results from Hair Again in as soon as 2 months, although 3-4 months is typical. Maximum results are achieved in 12 months.
  • The treatment plan consists of 4 initial treatments performed 1 month apart, then a maintenance treatment as needed, usually every 4-6 months.

Are hair restoration services painful, and is there any downtime from Hair Again?

  • Hair Again offers a non-surgical method to increase hair growth and restore hair.
  • We draw your blood the same way it would be taken at a doctor’s office.
  • Most patients find the treatment to be painless. However, to ensure your comfort, we do offer the use of Pronox, a safe method of additional analgesia.
  • You may notice mild swelling at the site of injections for 1-2 days following treatment.
  • No downtime is required, and you may wash your hair and resume activities the same day.

How long do the results of Hair Again last?

  • Hair Again PRP stimulates hair growth and slows the thinning of hair.
  • As the body – including the scalp – continues to age, maintenance treatments are usually necessary, anywhere from every 4 to 6 months.

How much does Hair Again PRP treatment cost?

  • Pricing starts at $2,400 for a series of 4 treatments.
  • We recommend spacing multiple treatments 1 month apart.
  • A personal consultation is needed to determine the most appropriate treatment plan and pricing for your needs.
  • At Radiance, consultations are always complimentary with no obligation to purchase treatments.

Am I a good candidate for Hair Again?

  • Since the Hair Again treatment stimulates new hair growth as well as slows hair loss, the ideal candidate is in the early stages of hair loss, but not completely bald. Hair Again can help with many types of hair loss from hereditary hair loss to hair loss caused by medication. Hair Again hair restoration for women or men produces excellent results and is safe for all hair and skin types.

Can I use Hair Again with topical hair restoration treatments?

  • Augmenting Hair Again treatments with at-home topical products can also have additional benefits. Our medical staff can provide more information upon your request.

How many Hair Again PRP treatments will I need?

  • The typical treatment plan consists of 4 initial treatments performed 1 month apart followed by maintenance treatments thereafter as needed. The need for maintenance treatments varies from one person to the next and can be anywhere from every 4 months to every 1-2 years.

For more than a decade, Radiance Medspa has successfully and safely performed injections and cosmetic procedures to produce beautiful, natural-looking results for our patients.

  • Our experience means you can feel confident having Hair Again treatments at Radiance Medspa.
  • We listen to you, and we are honest. We will never recommend a treatment that we do not believe is appropriate for you.
  • We strongly believe in education our patients so that you understand all of your options and can make the most educated decision about your treatment plan.


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