Fat Removal Procedures in Clearwater, FL

Serving the Clearwater, Tampa, and St. Pete FL Metro Area

Some like it hot, but others like it cold. When it comes to body sculpting treatments, technological advances now mean you can achieve fat reduction by freezing or melting away virtually any trouble spot. With proven efficacy, non-invasive CoolSculpting offers a solution to those stubborn areas that diet and exercise cannot reduce.

Because fat density and location are unique to each person, the body sculpting fat removal solution must be matched to the individual. We customize a treatment plan that targets the needs of your body so that we can achieve maximum results that will be yours to enjoy.

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Your Solution To Unwanted Fat May Include:

CoolSculpting Fat Reduction

The Coolsculpting Procedure is a new method of non-surgical body contouring that reduces fat to improve the contour and shape of the body. The Coolsculpting device reduces fat by cooling it. Ideal candidates for the procedure have discrete and localized fat bulges on the abdomen, love handles, and back.

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